This blog is about good (and sometimes bad) modern information technology, how defective and insecure the majority is and how we might be able to fix it. In my opinion, there are three important characteristics of good software:

Just to be clear, with the word social in the tag-line, I do not mean any kind of social network. Sadly all of these fail the principles listed here, even the libre ones (if you find one that implements end to end encryption consistently and doesn’t offend any of the points listed here, let me know!).

It is possible to monetize technology and respect these principles at the same time (for example through donations), but that is definitely harder.


If humanity keeps developing its technology so carelessly and error-prone, one day we might have an anarchy of robots ruling the earth ;) Please note that anarchy often gets confused with anomie:

Anarchy is compared to, or even described as equal to chaos or anomie. However, anarchy is defined by the lack of a ruler, and anomie by the lack of rules. (Rational Wiki)

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